Microblading: Having the Perfect Eyebrows Every Time


Nowadays, we all wish and strive for perfect but natural-looking eyebrows. Gone are the days when we whip out eyebrow pomades and concealers to carve our perfect eyebrows (even if we’re simply going to the local grocery). Now, everyone is embracing natural, fluffy brows, often held in place by a tinted or clear gel and filled with a color that matches the eyebrow hairs.

Doing our brows can be a therapeutic part of our routine. However, it also takes time to perfect the shape and look of your brows. One wrong move and your mistake can ruin your whole look for the day. As such, to help you save time and effort, My G-Spa suggests microblading. Our spa services in Palm Bay, Florida, offer microblading services to make you look and feel your best.

Microblading is a technique designed to blend artificial hair strokes perfectly to disguise the brow for an effortless look. The semi-permanent pigment is placed into the skin by machine or blade and is MRI-safe and hypoallergenic. This service is only performed by our beauty professionals in Melbourne.

To prepare for your beauty services, do not tweeze, thread, or wax for at least three days before your procedure. No tanning, botox, or chemical peels two weeks before your appointment as well. Coffee or ibuprofen on the day of your session is also discouraged. It is best not to have the procedure done while on your period, as you might be more sensitive. The same goes for pregnant and nursing moms.

Set an appointment with our spa in Florida today to achieve youthful and effortless beauty at reasonable prices.

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