Have you Thought About Sugaring for Removal of Hair?

Sugar vs. Wax:

Sugaring was used in ancient time for hair removal. Sugaring covers the hair follicle and is removed without being painful and it doesn’t irritate the skin. Its for all skin types and has natural ingredients like cane or raw sugar, lemon and water. Adding honey or aromatherapy oils is optional. Clean up is easy with sugaring as water quickly dissolves sugaring residue. Sugaring never dries and allows you to work for the required amount of time to remove hair. Unlike traditional waxing that includes resins, it may be a little harder to remove and you would need to use oil.

Brazilian Sugar/Wax Techniques differ:

Sugaring is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth and removed in the other direction with the natural hair growth. On the other hand, traditional waxing is removed against the direction of hair growth. Either way, the hair becomes thinner and grows more slowly. Sugaring can be used at room temperature which helps to avoid being burn like hot wax. Sugaring can be done on all parts of the body including sensitive intimate areas.

Sugaring Pros:

Here are some beneficial pluses of using sugar wax: natural components; easy to remove; suitable for any skin type; perfect for delicate places; pretty painless; suitable for pregnant women. Cons of traditional waxing: takes a longer time to heat; cannot be removed by water and uses oil for cleanup; may leave bumps; may have some adverse side effects.

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