Course: tOOnEEy™ Rejuvenation
Trainer: My G-Spa

After this one-day My G-Spa tOOnEEy™ Rejuvenation training, you will become a Certified tOOnEEy™ Rejuvenation Specialist. You will gain knowledge on how to safely and effectively perform the tOOnEEy™ treatment on clients. My G-Spa provides you with a complementary training machine at no additional cost. This non-surgical/non-invasive treatment targets the anatomy of the muscles inside the vagina and the outside appearance of the genitalia.

Businesses that can add this to their service menu:

  • Body Contouring
  • Beauty Professionals
  • Day Spa, etc.

(Note: Please check with your state to confirm whether there are licensing, rules, or regulations for this non-invasive/non-surgical body contouring treatment.)

You will:

  • Gain knowledge of female Anatomy & Physiology
  • Learn what tOOnEEy™ Rejuvenation is
  • Know how the tOOnEEy™ Rejuvenation treatment works
  • Develop an understanding of the technology used and its application in operating the complementary machine
  • Entertain client consultation
  • Understand the indications to be a candidate for the tOOnEEy™ rejuvenation treatment.
  • Advise contraindications
  • Learn how to perform a tOOnEEy™ Rejuvenation treatment
  • Have access to live model and/or live online video demonstration
  • Be trained for Pre and Post-Treatment Care & more

Benefits of the tOOnEEy™ rejuvenation treatment include:

Your training can be online or in person at our training facility in Palm Bay, Florida. We only allow two students per class to give personal individual support and guidance. Trainees are required to bring a model at the designated time to do hands-on training.

$2999 | 1 day

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