Have you Thought About Body Contouring Treatments?


Non-Invasive Body Contouring is used to enhance the appearance of the body alongside a healthy diet and exercise.

Machine Used:

There are various types of non-invasive body contouring machines and can cost up to $4,000 for some brands. There are difference methods for body contouring on the market but for all intents and purposes, we will be addressing reduction of fat cells, cellulite and skin tightening with the following probes:

  • Cavitation Machine – uses gentle sound waves to help emulsify fat cells.
  • Laser Lipo Pads – penetrates and creates tiny holes in the membrane of fat cells in order to release its contents and ultimately shrink the fat cells which help with inch loss.
  • Vacuum – suctions up the contents of the broken down fat cells and helps to move it so the body can expel it via the lymphatic system.

Radiofrequency (RF) heat tightens the skin, skin tone improves, cellulite is reduced during collagen rebuilding process. The RF heat causes collagen fibers to constrict, fat cells to shrink, and fibroblast cells to create new elastic fibers and collagen. Radiofrequency is not recommended for patients who have pacemakers, defibrillators or aneurysms.

Treatment Areas:

Arms, Abdomen, Thighs, Back, Flanks, Hips, Chin, Neck (Thyroid is avoided), Knees and Buttocks. It is important to note that the client will not not experience any discomfort during treatment and will have no adverse effects.

Session Time:

Varies depending on how many areas and add-ons but expect a minimum of one hour from intake paperwork, consultation and relaxing treatment.

Number of sessions:

Depending on client’s goal, the recommended treatment plan is a minimum of eight sessions over a period of four weeks. This is not a quick fix treatment and in fact the client will need the multiple sessions to attain their goal.


There is no downtime with this treatment and in fact we recommend going to the gym after every session to help the body naturally remove the emulsified fat cells through the lymphatic system.


While results vary from one person to the other, clients may expect to see anywhere from 1 to 4 cm reduction after each treatment with additional improvements up to 60 days after completing treatment plan.

With a healthy diet and exercise, results can last up to 1 1/2 years.

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