How to Fade Eyebrow Tattoos Without Laser Therapy


Tattoos expand and darken over time, especially when placed on your face. Eyebrow tattoos are a popular example of that. If you have tattooed eyebrows and would like a more natural look, then make sure to have an appointment with My G-Spa, a provider of high-quality, relaxing, and professional spa services in Palm Bay, Florida.

Tattooed eyebrows often look great at first. However, in time, they can expand, darken, or turn green, making the brows look very artificial and sometimes wonky. Most of our clients have shared that their brows have lowered their self-esteem and confidence. As a provider of beauty services, it is our job to help them not feel that way.

Thus, we offer Tattoo Lightening and Removal. However, what makes us unique is that we don’t use traditional lasers to remove the tattoo. Instead, we use a non-invasive procedure that helps to lighten or remove tattoo pigment from brows.

The solution we use removes ink from the body. The technician from our spa in Florida will go over the tattoo in the same method as the tattoo application. But this time, the solution is implanted into the skin instead of ink.

Sometimes this process needs multiple sessions, and follow-up sessions will be every 6-8 weeks. Plan your procedure with your schedule/vacations/events! Please be reminded not to schedule when you have an incoming event that conflicts with healing. Two weeks of healing are required for scabs to shed and two more weeks for complete recovery.

Set an appointment with our spa today and achieve better skin and confidence. Avail of our other beauty services, such as chemical peel treatment in Palm Beach.

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