Knowing the Different Types of Spas


Spas such as the spa in Florida foster wellness via the provision of curative and other kinds of professional services with the purpose of rejuvenating the body, mind, and spirit. Spa establishments usually offer a wide array of services, such as facials, massages, salon services, body treatments, health assessments, water-based treatments, etc. The sales of associated products are included as well. What follows are some of the sub-categories of spas:

  • Day/club/salon spas
    This kind of spa provides various spa services, which include body treatment, massages, and facials, among others by well-trained professionals on a daily basis. Club spas are the same as day spas, but they operate out of those facilities whose main purpose is usually fitness. Salon spas are those types that operate out of facilities that offer beauty services such as cosmetics, hair, nails, etc.
  • Hotel/resort spas
    These types of spas are found within the property of a hotel or resort and provide spa services on an à la carte basis for the guests of a hotel as well as outside or local guests. Spa treatments usually complement a stay in the hotel or a wide array of other activities within the resort.
  • Medical spas
    These kinds of spas are under the full and onsite oversight of licensed healthcare staff, offering complete medical or wellness care in an area that incorporates spa services with conventional and alternate or cosmetic treatments and therapies, such as the chemical peel treatment in Palm Beach.
  • Thermal/mineral springs spas
    These particular spas include those for which the revenues are created by spa and wellness-associated treatments such as hydrotherapy, facials, massage, and more delivered by professional staff like the beauty professionals in Melbourne at the establishments that follow: day-use spa facilities as well as destination/health resorts that integrate an on-site source of thermal or seawater, natural mineral into their spa therapies and treatments and other kinds of bathing/recreational springs firms that provide complementary spa services.

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